Technical Support Services

SAS´s technical support services team provides flexible solutions in an industry where adaptability to demand and speed of response are essential. It’s not always cost effective to remain staffed to full capacity – and neither is it always feasible to deliver every service in-house. The support provided by our technical team enables customers to deal with unscheduled work or market demands, manage labour costs and access highly qualified and experienced technical personnel often at short notice.

SAS Technical Support Services specialises in a range of aircraft leasing support solutions designed to assist airlines, manufacturers and aircraft leasing companies throughout the delivery and redelivery process.

With an assembled pool of fully screened and experienced technical representatives based worldwide, we are ideally placed to assist with:

* Lease Compliance Reviews
* Aircraft & Engine Records Review and Management
* Technical Audit Assessments
* Airworthiness Management
* Quality Assurance Inspectors, Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs)
* Aircraft Delivery Services

SAS is an EASA guide lines CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) and Part 21 Design Approved Organisation to complement our Technical Support Services. We can assist with aircraft pre-purchase inspections, importation of aircraft into EASA member states, CAMO management and Part 21 Design Services.

Our Part M CAMO Subpart G and I approvals allow us to support aircraft owners and private operators and grant us the following privileges:-

* Approval to manage the continuing airworthiness of aircraft
* Approval to issue ARC recommendations to the competent authority for the issuing of Airworthiness Review Certificate
The SAS team manages the maintenance requirements while an aircraft is between leases and liaises with the Maintenance Repair Organisation to ensure that aircraft are “flight ready” when required and that the owner is in compliance with the latest EASA regulations.

Part 21 Design Organisation Approval
As a holder of EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Approval, SAS is granted the following privileges by our cooperate partners:-

  • Approval to design and issue EASA approved minor changes and repairs on all large transport aircraft
  • Approval to apply for STCs (major changes)
  • We also provide design modification services tailored to customer requirements for:
  • Cabin interior changes including installation of LOPAs, reconfigurations, furnishings, monuments, interior equipment / fittings and integration of emergency escape path marking systems
  • Avionics installations including Mode S, SELCAL, ELT, and removal of non-essential systems
  • Emergency equipment layouts
  • Placard installations
  • Registration and lease plate installations
  • Validation of non EASA modifications

MRO & Airline Technical Services division provides experienced Technical Specialists, Licensed, and Unlicensed Engineers on contract to the global aviation industry meeting the technical and service needs of customers. Our technical personnel are assigned to leading international MROs and airlines for all aspects of maintenance activity including major overhaul and modification programmes as well as line maintenance support.

Our ranges of personnel include:

  • Licensed Engineers: Part-66 B1 & B2, ICAO Type II or FAA A&P
  • Airframe & Engine Technicians
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Avionics Technicians
  • Painters
  • Planners